Lot 312
A handwritten letter addressed to Countess Fredro in Leopold (Austria). Chanday, August 23. 3 p. 4°. An adderss on the back, a red wax seal with a monogram, postage marks. The letter is accompanied by a notice of the death of Countess Fredro dated October 30, 1869. The letter refers to recommendations «to Countess Fredro» and requests for help from the Tolstoy family. Sofia Petrovna Svechina (nee. Soymonova (1782-1857) - lady-in-waiting, writer, mistress of a literary salon in Paris, one of the most influential Russian catholics of the XIX century; sister of Princess E. P. Gagarina. Praskovya Nikolaevna Fredro (1790 - after 1868) was the daughter of count Nikolai Nikolaevich Golovin (1756-1821) and Countess Varvara Nikolaevna Golovina (nee. Princess Golitsyna; 1766-1821); lady-in-waiting. Converted to Catholicism, since 1819 she is the wife of count Jan-Maximilian Fredro (1784-1845).