Icon " Guardian angel with selected saints" - Cosmas and Damian, Conon and Boniface and a consecrated saint. Mstera, late XIX - early XX cc.

Lot 129
Wood, gesso, gold leaf, tempera. Size: 25 X 20 cm. The choice of saints depicted on the icon is very interesting and at the same time understandable. Cosmas and Damian were revered by the people as healers, guardians of livestock, chickens and blacksmithing. Saint Conon - gardener is the patron saint of all garden crops. It was believed that the prayer for the glory of St. Conon provided a plenteous yield. Saint Boniface was prayed for healing from drunkenness. In short, besides the Angelic amulet, a simple peasant in his everyday life needed the prayerful help of the most important saints - healers, patrons of agriculture and cattle breeding. Condition: without restoration, under a layer of darkened drying oil. A fine example of stylistic art of Moscow old believers icon painting.