KOTZEBUE AUGUST (1761-1819), AUTOGRAPH A handwritten letter addressed to his publisher E. Kummer in Leipzig.

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Reval. 20. XII. 1791 3/4 p. 4°. With the address and sealing wax on the reverse. Traces of bending, a small spot on the lower field. In the letter, he objects to the publisher's plans to publish his dramatic works, and speaks about the attacks of critics because he first appeared before the public not only as a playwright, but also as a historian and philosopher. August Kotzebue (1761-1819) - German playwright and novelist, newspaper agent in the Russian service in the Ostsee region (he published a number of Pro-Russian propaganda newspapers in Berlin); then in Germany, he was the Director of the court theater in Vienna and wrote a number of dramas that gained popularity due to the stage attractiveness and understanding of the tastes of the crowd. In his time, he was more popular than Goethe or Schiller. He had the rank of court adviser in the Russian Empire. His novels, novellas, and plays in a sentimental and didactic spirit, which did not differ in the depth of character development, but attracted the interest by their intrigue, were well translated by Russian translators: in the"" Painting of Russian books for reading "" by A.F. Smirdin (1828), more than 130 works of Kotzebue are indicated. For example, N.M. Karamzin was among the translators.