Philippe IV, 1285-1314. Masse d’or (10 january 1296). 1st emission, AU 7,04 g

Lot 172
30 00040 000
Obverse : +PhILIPPVS DEI GRA FRANChORVM REX The crowned king seated on a throne in form of a curule chair facing and holds a long sceptre in the r. hand and a fleur-de-lis in the l. hand. He is surrounded by nine double lobes with lilies in the points and annulets in the angles. Interpunction three dots. Reverse : +XPC VINCIT XPC REGNAT XPC IMPERAT Floriated cross within quadrilobe with four lobes and four points. In the angles of the cross fl eurs-de-lis. At the points floral ornaments. Interpunctuation three dots. Ref : Duplessy 208. Ciani 196. Friedberg 254. Provenance : UBS 72, 05/09/2007, lot 233.