AKHMATOVA, Anna Andreevna (1889-1966) Selected Poems

Lot 1392
New York, 1952. - 262 p .; 21.5x13.5 cm. In the publishing cover. The collection is printed by the Publishing House Chekhov in the first year of his existence according to the program drawn up by Mark Aldanov. In the resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of 1946, A. Akhmatova’s works were recognized as «harmful» for Soviet people. Soon A. Akhmatova was expelled from the Writers’ Union, and the doors of the Soviet publishing houses were closed for her. The collection was released without notice to the author, the compilers included poems written before 1945, poems from the Second World War period, as well as verses from the cycles «Willow», «Anno Domini», «Plantain», «White Flock», «Rosary» and «Evening».