EMPEROR OF RUSSIA ALEXANDER II (1818-1881), Letters patent on granting the nobility with awarding personal arms to the State Councilor Eduard Yakovlevich Nap`ersky.

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Alexander II` personal signature. Also signed by D. N. Zamyatin, Head of the Ministry of Justice. On parchment, 4 p. 47 x 33 cm Moire-bound. Text decorated with artwork ornament frames made with gold and silver leaves and water colors. Alexander II` monogram in upper part. Title page frame is decorated with Alexander II` monogram and Russian province cities` arms with two-headed eagle emblem. Eduard (Carl – Eduard) Yakovlevich Nap`ersky (1793-1864). Writer, head of province schools and president of censure committee in Riga, member- correspondent of the Imperial Academy of Sciences. Father of historian Leongard Nap`ersky and astronomer August- Wilhelm Nap`ersky. As a historian he contributed greatly into history of his native country and history of Russia and Poland. He found a lot of acts throwing lights onto unclear periods of the Baltic region history. Provenance: academician Bondarchuk’s collection.