WIDOWED EMPRESS MARIA FEDOROVNA (1759-1828), Letter to the Court counselor Gersevanova. April 13, 1820. St Petersburg

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25,5 x 20 cm Signed by Maria Fedorovna. Maria Fedorovna expresses her appreciation for donations to the Kharkov school of noble maidens. Maria Fedorovna (1759-1828). Empress of Russia. The second spouse of Emperor Paul the first. Daughter of Duke of Wurttemberg Friedrich Eugen and princess Friederike Dorothea Sophia. Maiden name was Sophia Dorothea. One of the cofounders of the Imperial human society, obstetric institute, St. Catherine Order` college. She was founder of multiple charitable institutions such as schools and colleges for orphans, soldiers` daughters, deaf people, as well as houses for widows, war invalids, hospitals, obstetric institutes. In total about 500 institutions.