Northern Tiger, 2018

Lot 71
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Swarovski crystals on plexiglass, with a certificate by Swarowski 29,800 Swarrovski crystals 80 x 80 cm Specialized in graphic techniques, which she studied at the Art Institute A Ventura in Modena, Italy, Roberta Diazzi is in search of an instant visual communication — the creative brushstrokes of her oil paintings give an expressive and powerful allure to her subjects, which became her signature and hallmark. Through her own codes and proper styles, Roberta Diazzi shows a pro- found inspiration for great artists of the international Pop Art movement such as Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein.Moreover, the artist worked several years for the Prin- cipality of Monaco where she received awards from Princess Caroline, who collects the work Oeuvre Pop de Monaco made by the artist, in her personal atelier. Also, Diazzi collaborated with Swarovski and Luxor Gioielli.