William ReussWig (1902-1978)
Couple looking apprehensively towards left, 1930

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Oil on canvas 75 x 46 cm Illustration for a story published on Redbook William Reusswig is an American painter known for his prints. His name first appeared in 1923 in the New York Times regarding a baseball game in which he played in college. After he graduated from Amherst University a year later, he took advance painting classes at the Art Student League where he met his future wife, Martha Sawyers. His first published works were interior illustrations for Colliers. He also illustrated articles for Cosmopolitan, Liberty, Redbook, The Saturday Evening Post and many more. Reusswig travelled a lot with his wife after they got married in 1927. They made a good artistic team together as they were both fascinated by exotic lands, comic illustrations of classic novels and men’s adventures that we will find continuously in his portfolio.