Anna Ahmatova

Lot 605
Anna Ahmatova Requiem. Munich: Association of Foreign Writers, 1963. - 23 p.; 18.5 x13.5 cm. - 500 copies. On the frontispiece, the first portrait of a young Ahmatova by S. Sorin. In the publishing cover. Owner’s notes on the flyleaf. Collectible. Requiem was created over multiple years, the poetess worked on it from 1934-1940, and in the 1960s. In 1963, one of the poems ended up abroad where it was first published completely without A. Ahmatova’s participation, and confirms the note at the beginning of the book: «We received this series of poems from Russia and printed it without the knowledge and consent of the author.» It was published in Russia for the first time only in 1987. First edition.