General Anton Ivanovich DENIKIN (1872-1947) Two documents addressed to A.I. Denikin:

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1) M. Roschakovsky’s handwritten letter addressed to General A.I. Denikin. Norway, 03/10/1920. 5p.; 25.5x20 cm. Folding creases. 2) Brochure: Roshchakovsky, M. Letter. Helsingfors, 1920. 16p.; 22x14 cm. Without title page. Foxing. Dedication by Roshchakovsky on p.1: "To General Denikin / from the author / March 1920". In his message, M. Roshchakovsky tries to convince Denikin to stop the civil strife, disband the troops and hand over the command to the Soviet government. In the pamphlet attached to the letter, the author promotes the same ideas, turning to all the people of Russia.Mikhail Sergeevich Roshchakovsky (1876-1938) - Russian naval officer, captain of the First Rank, hero of the Russian-Japanese war. He descended from the ancient gentry-noble family of Roshchakovskys, belonged to the inner circle of Nicholas II and enjoyed the special confidence of the royal family. He emigrated to Norway in 1918, but after 1925 he returned to Russia, served as head of the foreign department under the board of Nizhny Novgorod State District Power Station. In 1937 he was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment. In 1938 he died in the Karaganda camp.