Vladimir Ilyich LENIN (1870-1924) Fragment of a letter by V.I. Lenin.

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Without specifying a place, dated March 3, 1910, 6.5x13 cm. A fragment of the letter was cut off from the top and the part with the signature was cut off from the bottom. On the reverse, a handwritten text is crossed out and not legible. The text of the fragment: “Less hotly get hot on someone else’s dirty tricks and get into the essence of affairs and things more, then it will be easier to live, that is, with a more objective attitude, it must be assumed that people have their own regular behavior: the known number of letters should will be annually omitted in a box without an address, as well as statistical figures of meanness, [nrzb] treachery must be replenished. All the best! yours ...». At the end of 1908, Lenin, Krupskaya, together with Zinoviev and Kamenev, moved to Paris. Here Lenin lives until June 1912. At the beginning of 1910, he participated in the work of the plenum of the Central Committee of the RSDLP in Paris, and spoke repeatedly at meetings. Provenance: archive G.A.Alexinsky.