Lot 567
8001 000
ARCHIVE OF PORTRAITS OF ARTISTS NON-CONFORMISTS Extensive photo archive including: 12 silver gelatin prints, portraits of leading non-conformist artists by Anatoly Brusilovsky (the author of the album “Pantheon of Russian Underground”). Among them are the portraits of V. Sitnikov, V. Nemukhin, E. Zelenin, Y. Sobolev, V. Krapivnitskaya, D. Plavinsky, D. Krasnopevtsev, V. Rukhin, B. Sternberg. Two silver gelatin prints by V.M. Till Samarin, photos by G.Sapguir, O.Rabin. The archive also includes 28 reportage photos of different authorship with the participation of such non-conformist figures as: O. Rabin, E. and V. Krapivnitskie, E. Limonov, E. Stenberg, poets Holin, G. Sapgir, Vl. Sychov and poetess Aida Sychova, spouses Mamleev, N. Elskoy. Rare shots of the emigration of the writer G.N. Vadimov. The archive represents the absolute value of a museum level. Provenance: Kira Alexandrovna Sapguir (1937-) - Russian writer, poet, journalist. She actively collaborated with a number of Russian foreign magazines. The second wife of the poet G. Sapguir.