LIFAR Serge Mikhailovich (1905-1986) - Autograph Silver gelatin photographic print.

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Studio G. et L. Manuel . 23.8 x 15.5 cm. Dedicatory inscription «A.M. Roger Bouygues en toute sympathie/Serge Lifar/Paris 7. VI 1938» to Roget Buygues with all the sympathy / Serge Lifar / Paris 7. VI 1938». A rare snapshot of Serge Lifar in the guise of a faun from the legendary Vacelav Nijinsky ballet «The Afternoon of a Faun». In 1930, S.Lifar became the head of the ballet of the Paris Opera, where he combined three roles at once: the chief balletmaster, choreographer and lead dancer, who, according to the apt expression of Paul Valery, «the poet of the movement.» With his work, Lifar significantly enriched the repertoire of the Grand Opera and brought back many classical ballets there. Among them was the «The Afternoon of a Faun.»