DOSTOEVSKY Fyodor Mikhailovich (1821-1881)

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DOSTOEVSKY Fyodor Mikhailovich (1821-1881) Dostoevsky F.M. The House of the Dead / Dostoevsky. - 2nd ed. SPb .: type. I. Ogryz- ko, 1862. Part 1. [4], 269 p. ; Part 2. [4], 198 p .; 20x14 cm. Both parts are in two uniform half-leather bindings of the era. Leather bandaged spine, covers are lined with colored "marbled" paper. Ribbon. Collectible. Minor abrasions of the leather on the spine. The beginning of the book (Ch. I-IV) was first published in the newspaper ‘Russkiy Mir’. Completed novel was first published in 1861-1862. Finally, at the end of 1862, the pu- blishing house I. Ogryzko printed both parts of the The House of the Dead as a separate book, indicating on the title page that this was the second edition. But in fact it was the first full separate edition of the work. Bibliography: Lesman . No. 806.