Convolute of 5 handwritten texts.

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Convolute of 5 handwritten texts. [SPb., 1782-1815]. - 150 p., 21.7х17 cm 1. Collection healthy flowers: [in 4 ch.]. p. 1-73. First: Samuel’s rabbi of Judah’s golden composition, containing in itself contented and impartial evidence of Christ... Second: Moral Christian instructions; Third: Moral drugs for various accidents; Fourth: Pythagorean, and some of his letters. 2. Memorable: a list of various events and dates from the birth of Christ to the birth of Tsar Peter Alekseevich. [1682]. p.73-76. 3. Divination of philosophers.p. 76-78. 4. Mikhailov K.A. Essay... for the erection of a monument in St. Petersburg in August ... 1782. p.81-94. 5. Chetyi-miney: some biographies of the reverend of the church. p.97-149. In semi-leather binding. Several different handwritings. Missing pieces of leather spine and paper on the covers. Numerous owner labels. The "Golden Essay" was first published in 1778 in the printing house of the Land Slave Cadet Corps. Provenance: Owner’s inscription on p.71: "From the books of Grigory Dobryshin". Later, in 1815, the book was in Ivan Fedorovich Kiselev's possession, as evidenced by the inscription on the flyleaf p. 79.