BEKETOV, Platon Petrovich (1761-1836)

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BEKETOV, Platon Petrovich (1761-1836) Description in the face of celebration that took place in February 1626; during the marriage of the sovereign tsar and grand duke Mikhail Feodorovich, with the empress queen Evdokia Lukyanovna from the Streshnen family. M.:University Printing Press of Platon Beketov, 1810. - 137 p. ill.; 32x23cm Title page in engraved frame. 65 engraved illustrations, cut into the page, painted with watercolor by hand. In leather binding. Embossed on the spine in gold: the brief name of the edition, the vignette of geometric and floral ornament. Minor tears in leather along the edges of the spine.Our copy is on dense paper and contains 65 illustrations. Rarity. Bibliography: No. 522; Obolyaninov . No. 1885; Vereshchagin. # 615: The book is quite rare; Ostroglazov No. 218; Gennadi . No. 113; Solovyov. Catalog number 105. No. 106; SK Books of the Civil Press of the XVIII-XIX centuries in the collections of the Urals. No. 3368. Rare Russian books XVIII – XIX