Gregory RASPUTIN (1869-1916) Notebook of Countess Sophia Petrovna Zavadovskaya (in marriage - Kozlovskaya)

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15,5x10 cm. The paper is dented . In the whole skin gold- bound era era. Saffian sticker with the initials of the Countess Zavadovskaya "CSZ" in gold on the front cover. A handwritten record of the countess about the belonging of a notebook on a free sheet of bookend. Ownership records, mainly in French, occupy almost the entire volume of the notebook. These are notes on world history, memorable dates, formulas of politeness, and so on. Paper Exlibris L.V. Islavin on the flyleaf. After the last record of the Countess, near the end of the notebook, handwritten inscription Rasputin (for 2 sec.): "As incense rushing thee vozdeyaniya up of my hands as an evening sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ son prays. February 13th / others cherubs. secretly forming ". The first part of the autograph is one of the lines of Psalm 140, the second is the first words of the" Cherubic Hymn ". Without specifying the date and place. Sofya Petrovna Zavadovskaya (Kozlovskaya; 1795-1829) - the maid of honor of the highest court. She left her husband because of his drunkenness and secretly married Alexander Mikhailovich Islenev (1794-1882) - an officer, a participant of the war of 1812 and foreign trips. But the marriage was not recognized, and their children were given the name of Islavina . One of their daughters, Lyubov Aleksandrovna Islavina , in marriage toBeers , became the mother of Sophia Andreyevna Tolstoy, the wife of the writer Count L.N. Tolstoy. Provenance : Lev Vladimirovich Islavin (1866-1934), State Councilor; grandson of Sophia Petrovna Zavadovskaya (Kozlovskaya). He was a lawyer and made a career in the diplomatic field. He served as consul general in Nice, then in Vienna. After the February Revolution, he remained under Nicholas II the diplomatic representative of the Provisional Government, and after the October Revolution, the White Guard government of Russia (until 1919). Also known as a bibliophile and collector.