A Russian Imperial parcel-gilt silver kovsh.

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A Russian Imperial parcel-gilt silver kovsh. Present from Peter I the Great and Ivan V to Grigory Shtchepetov, 1693. Apparently unmarked. H. 13 cm. L. 30 cm. Moscow maker, late 17th century. An important Russian Imperial presentation parcel-gilt silver kovsh of traditional shape with raised prow and handle, first-mentioned cast with the Russian Warrant, last-mentioned engraved with the Russian Warrant, interior adorned with a circular armorial punched with the Imperial Russian double-headed eagle surrounded by chased scrolling foliage, interior front and back embossed with two cartouches in meandering foliage, the exterior sides chased with four cartouches and two bands with Old Russian dedication inscription «By the Grace of God we Great Tsars and Great Princes Iohann [Ivan] Alekseevich and Peter Alekseevich of all Great and Little and White Russia, on 5 may 1694 this kovsh was presented to Ufa citizen Grigory Shtchepetov for collecting costums duty and wine profits in 1692 and 1693, when he was in Ufa costum house he did this with the help of his head, in comparison with 1691 and 1692 the profits were 249 rubels, 8 altyn and half of 6 denga», the handle engraved with the Imperial double-headed eagle as well as the prow cast with the Imperial doubleheaded eagle. Similar mentioned and reproduced: Alexander von Solodkoff, «Russian Gold and Silver», Fribourg 1981, p. 84-87 and figure 80, 84 and 86 Provenance: Bruun Rasmussen, Russian art auction, 12.06.2017, L.1506 Alfred Danielsen (b. Riga 1885, d. 1952 in Bonn), Legation Councillor at the Norwegian Embassy in Moscow 1929-1935, where he bought and collected Russian art and antiques