Charles Henri Joseph Leickert (1816-1907) Ice view with figures and a sledge

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Signed (lower left) Oil on panel 26 x 36 cm A Belgian painter, Charles Leickert is best known for his Dutch landscapes. Leickert explores the blue nuances of the evening sky and the dawn’s rose gold glows. Also specialised in winter views, he often romanticises his skies with pale blue and shadows of white, especially in his paintings made in the Netherlands, specifically The Hague and Amsterdam. In 1856, he became a member of the Royal Academy of Amsterdam. “His paintings are carefully finished; elements such as vegetation and background are executed in particular detail. The colour contrasts are often surprising and the rendering is magnificent.” (J. Kraaij, Harry, Painter of the Dutch Landscape, Charles Leickert, Scriptum Signature, The Netherlands, 1996.)