POOYA ARYANPOUR (B.1971) Making Noise

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Acrylic on canvas Diameter 130 cm (51 1/8 in.) Executed in 2016 Iranian artist and graduate from the School of Plastic Arts at the Azad University in Tehran, Iran. Widely exhibited in his country and internationally, he adopted a style inspired from the Persian culture mixing its symbols and artistic techniques with an abstract approach to the medium, intertwining colors, forms, lines and contents, that create altogether a shape and a gap conveying some type of mysticism and suspense. According to the artist these abstract figures fuse together to create new silhouettes such as organisms, architectural constructions, flowers, medusas, leaves, birds, letters, music notes and so on. Thus, he relates to the Surrealism movement, comparing his work to dreams that can tangle and dissolve many elements together.