BRIAN WILLS (B.1970) Untitled (Intersection)

Lot 935
10 00012 000
Rayon, thread, oil, basswood and wood 91.4 x 91.4 cm (36 x 36 in.) Executed in 2012 Provenance: Private collection, Los Angeles This lot is under temporary exportation and is subject to import tax (EU). Multimedia artist Brian Wills creates work that often incorporates geometric shapes, their apparent simplicity belying his labour intensive process. Wills uses thread to meticulously wrap wood panels, before using either iridescent or gloss paint to coat the work. With their subtly textured surfaces and the paints he selects, the colours in his work seem to shift as the viewer moves around the canvas. In this way Wills explores the viewer’s relationship with the work in terms of space, movement, colour and light. Based in Los Angeles, for Wills the painstaking and precise methods he uses are associated with notions of craftsmanship. There is a tactile sense to this work, exploring texture and opacity. It’s reminiscent of semi-transparent textiles, playing with the idea of layers.