"Maskotte" in Constantinople; «Jardin doré» in Constantinople and in Paris (1922-1923) and the Russian

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"Maskotte" in Constantinople; «Jardin doré» in Constantinople and in Paris (1922-1923) and the Russian Cabaret "Abrek" in Monte Carlo (1928-1930). Album 1: On the cover: "Mascotte" W. de Savine, 1923 » Opening Dec. 8 1922; closing May 10, 1923, 20.5 x 30 cm, 74p., Photos a group of ladies and employees, a Spanish bar; page 10 watercolor "The most joyous day in the Mascotte" - Numerous menus, photos musicians, portraits, programs, invitation tickets... Album 2: On the cover of the cover. : "Macscotte" 14, rue Magellan (Champs-Elysées) Paris. Opening: Dec. 5 1923. 18x27 cm., 24 p. The album features: programs, menus, letters, telegrams, clippings peredid... Album 3: On the cover of the cover: Маscotte 1922 - 1923 гг. ; Jardin "Dore" 1923 W de Savine 18.3 x 27 cm., 41 c. The album features a program, menu, tickets, clippings from newspapers, a contract - a lease contract, a letter of gratitude from the headquarters of the inter-allied police of the sector, photos of the interior of the restaurant, cartoons in watercolor. Album 4: Cabaret "Abrek" in Monte Carlo, 1928 - 1929, 19 x 27.5 cm. 34 p. In the album: photo. "The Choir of the Zaitsev brothers - Abrek 1930 - 1931”. 4th programs: Cabaret Abrek Program - Big Evening - Gala, 2 Apr. 1930 under the highest patronage of Vel. Book. Elena Vladimirovna princess of Greek and Danish and Prince Nicholas of Greece in favor of the Russian Military Invalides of the Great War. «Studio G. Laperque» of ne arts photo; «Studio A. Well portraits d'art». V.V. Savin, his wife Catherine Antonovna Savina, artists, guests in the cabaret "Abrek"; 13 photos, 21.5 x 16 - 14 - 10 cm on the letterhead of the 1930s. V.V. Savin; E. A. Savina; The parade in the presence of the Imp. Nicholas II and his retinue. 7 photographer's - negatives, 17.5 x 13 cm.« Dore » 1923 г. W de Savine 18,3 x 27 cm., 41 c.