St. Petersburg, 1900 - 1910s

Lot 123
12 00015 000
St. Petersburg, 1900 - 1910s Mahogany, eben 95 x 60 x 71 cm An unusual pair of armchairs made of solid mahogany, a typical example of the neoclassicism of the 1900s. The legs of the chairs are carved in the form of grif ns in the front, the schematic wings serve as armrests, the legs are completed in the form of paws and acanthus. These armchairs are extremely characteristic of the furniture that came out of the Petersburg workshops in the 1900s and 1910s. Hermitage Fine Art expresses our gratitude to the expert I.K. Bott for the help with attribution of this lot. Provenance : Russian nobility, possession in Germany. - Private collection, Switzerland. - Shtuker Auction house , Bern, Switzerland, 2014. - Private collection, Switzerland. 95 х 60 х 71 см