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ALEXANDRE Ier de Russie. 1777-1825. Nesselrode Karl Robert von. 1780-1862.
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Patent of the appointment of don Antonio Buenaventura Gassó, well-known writer in his best period, as consul in Barcelona by the Tsar of Russia, Alexandre I. St. Petersburg, 27 March 1817. 2 pages, in-plano 67 x 48 cm. Double sheet. Bilingual (Russian and French). Sealed document (large seal), handwritten and signed twice. On large thick paper. With this appointment in favour of the Consul of Barcelona, Don Antonio Buenaventura Gassó, he is given free access to carry out the commercial transac- tions and other transactions, which he deems convenient and which will be linked to his appointment. For this reason, it is also agreed with the King of Spain that Consul Gassó will have free exercise of his functions, privileges and immunities related to the position with which he is appointed.